All our activities serve their support and development, which we implement in an interconnected, complex system. The focus of our interest is the development of the individual and their personality. Our goal is to implement person-centered community development. This is carried out by a professional team of specialists with various and complementary expertise.


Drop-in center

We create a community space that ensures free participation and offers the opportunity to become an active, creative, and responsible member of the community, and every element of its operation is aimed at developing the individual's self-awareness, personality, social skills, and competencies. A person-centered program that realizes individual and community development in parallel. It develops and implements an individual development plan for the joining young people under the guidance of mentors who work in a supportive relationship with the young people.



KOMA Lab is a social institution where we collaborate with young people struggling with integration disorders to help them create personal life opportunities. Together, we work towards achieving a psychological, physical, and knowledge-equipped state that enables them to live independently and seize their chances. Our ultimate aim is to foster an independent, self-aware, self-accepting, and harmonious personality capable of handling challenges and articulating personal goals. Our goal is complex lifestyle formation, which includes individual and group care, personality and competence development, community and leisure programs, life counseling, information and knowledge expansion, learning support, and individual development.


Individual support

We create helping relationships with each young person. In this supporting process, we constantly monitor and discuss the person's individual life path, together with them we look for solutions and ways out of their "life problems".

The helping relationship is a way of continuous, personal care. The helper-mentor is the person whom the young person trusts the most among the team members. We hold a team meeting on a weekly basis, where we jointly develop the strategy and method of assistance.


Community Events

All events at the Base are free and open to anyone. The goal of our events is to rediscover the power of community. We talk, we share, we create. We host non-regular events where you can play, compete, measure your ping pong skills, celebrate togetherness, and collect memories.