Our mission is for KOMA Base to become the home for disadvantaged young people, aged 10-18, who are struggling with integration disorders, neglected, or at risk of dropping out of school. Here, they can find safety, support, and opportunities for development, enabling them to change their way of life and improve their life chances.

We aim to achieve the reintegration of a youth group that would be lost without intervention so that in the long term they become able not only to work but also to improve their living conditions.

The most important approaches to be used in the implementation of the program are person-centeredness, prioritizing self-help, and involving young people in all elements of the activity. This means that we approach each person in our care with the maximum consideration for their personal needs, developing an individualized development program for everyone. For us, the focus is not on the problem but on the person.


We provide space and opportunities for those young people who turn to us for help.

Our main principle is that it is not the young people who have to integrate into the institution; we try to adapt the institutional framework to their needs.